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Open to Californians

IYKYK is our affordable, local art holiday show. As such, we are keeping our roster to artists from California only. If you reside outside of CA please stay tuned for future calls!


Prices under $300

IYKYK is all about accessibility, we are encouraging new buyers to support local artists and makers. So please be aware that only pieces at $300 or below will be accepted.


All mediums welcome

All mediums of visual art are welcome here! Please leave a note in your submission if your piece requires special care or installation requirements.



The deadline for submissions to this show is midnight December 2, 2022. Please be ready to ship out artwork ASAP if you submit very close to the deadline.



Do you accept prints?

We are currently looking for original art or one-off prints from digital artists. 

Do I need to frame my piece?

Works on paper or other loose media need to be framed or affixed to a panel or any other method that is ready-to-hang. If framing, please note that plexi is a safer option than glass for mailing artwork. 

Is this a juried call for art?

Yes, we will be reviewing submissions based on composition / design, focal point, use of color, paint manipulation, unification, originality, creativity, feeling, and subject matter. You will be notified by email of our decision by December 4th.

How do I price my work?

Our gallery commission is 40%. Please factor in the commission into your pricing. If you'd like to have a discussion about how to price your work please leave a note in your submission and we can help =]

Please feel free to reach out if you have any other questions!

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